Slide Cutter Replacement - 2-Pack Blister Card

SKU 9931
Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 13.00
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The replacement 13" ZipSafe Slide Cutter can easily adhere back onto your ChicWrap dispenser, just peel the paper backing and stick directly onto the cutter outline of your dispenser.  We created a support video which shows how easy it is to set up your ChicWrap and get your ZipSafe Slide Cutter back into place.

Our 13" ZipSafe Slide Cutter has been praised by professional chefs around the world.  The ZipSafe Slide Cutter was invented and patented by us, and is truly the best cutter ever developed for cutting plastic wrap. It is a proven design that will cut effortlessly refill roll after refill roll. Pull-it, Zip-it, and wrap your left-overs with hassle-free, safe cutting time after time.