Slide Cutter Replacement - 2-Pack Blister Card

SKU 9931
Height 12.00
Width 4.00
Depth 1.00

Slide Cutter Replacement - 2-Pack Blister Card Info

Our replacement slide cutters easily adhere onto your ChicWrap® Dispenser. Just peel the paper backing and stick directly onto the “cutter outline " located on the lid of each plastic wrap dispenser. Below is a video which show how easy it is to set-up your ChicWrap® and how to attach the patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter.

Details: Our patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter has been praised by professional chefs around the world! Pull-it, Zip-it and wrap your leftovers with hassle-free, safe cutting time after time.

* This cutter only applies to plastic wrap dispensers.

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