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ChicWrap GiftWrap significantly improves functionality and how the wrap is managed throughout the entire wrapping process. Simply load a gift wrap roll into the dispenser, pull a desired length and slide the button for a precise straight cut.

GiftWrap dispenser in action
CraftWrap dispenser in action


ChicWrap CraftWrap makes it easier than ever to do what you love and explore new creative territory with easy dispensing and precise cutting on all 18” rolls of Gift Wrap, Craft Paper, Drawer Liners, Drawing Paper and anything else that comes on a standard 18” roll.

Plastic Wrap
& Dispenser

Each dispenser of ChicWrap comes with one 250 square foot roll of our Professional Plastic Wrap & ZipSafe SlideCutter.

plastic dispenser in action
parchment dispenser in action

Parchment Paper
& Dispenser

Each dispenser of ChicWrap comes with one 41' roll of our PaperChef Culinary Parchment Paper & SlideCutter button.

Aluminum Foil
& Dispenser

Each dispenser of ChicWrap comes with one 30' roll of our Professional Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil & SlideCutter button.

plastic dispenser in action
refill rolls plastic parchment

Plastic Wrap
& Parchment
Refill Rolls

Refilling your ChicWrap dispenser has never been easier with ChicWrap Plastic Wrap & Parchment Refill Rolls.