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About The Allen Reed Company, makers of ChicWrap®.

The Allen Reed Company was founded in 1992 by Ian Kaiser and Sean Neiberger. The Company became known in the food service industry for its innovative products for dispensing and cutting plastic wrap. Now, the Company turned its attention to the Retail Housewares Industry and has been extremely successful providing safe, easy-to-use solutions for professional chefs throughout the United States. We've now applied this knowledge to creating innovative products for the home. Plastic wrap is the most economical food storage option with more than 80 million boxes sold each year throughout the United States. We focus our efforts on changing the way consumers dispense and cut plastic wrap in their homes, with an emphasis on simplicity. We call our approach 'Disruptive Innovation' because of the way our products have completely changed industries for the better.

The Allen Reed Company has been immersed in the world of plastic wrap for more than 23 years. We have always dreamed of taking our institutional knowledge and building better products for the consumer housewares market. The Allen Reed Company has already left its innovative stamp on the housewares market with the introduction of ChicWrap®, The World's Best Plastic Wrap & Dispenser, in 2013. The Company has now introduced two exciting new line extension products, ChicWrap® Foil and ChicWrap® Parchment. "We believe there is tremendous opportunity to redesign everyday products for the home that significantly improve on their functionality while making a dramatic visual statement with the packaging. The Company has several other innovative consumer products that will be launched in the near future.


In 1994, the Allen Reed Company invented the first-ever safe metal cutting blade for commercial plastic wrap boxes. Each year, the Company sells more than 10 million these patented cutting blades to the largest plastic wrap manufacturers in the US. In addition to the Company's patented metal cutting blade business, the Allen Reed Company also invented and won patents in the US, Canada and Australia for the ZipSafe Slide Cutter, once again changing the way the food service industry cuts plastic wrap. ZipSafe provided users with complete safety and ease of use when cutting plastic wrap. ZipSafe quickly became a "must have" product for professional chefs worldwide. Using our ZipSafe Slide Cutter along with our extensive knowledge and experience in the world of plastic wrap, we created ChicWrap®. We used the finest, most durable materials available to create a very easy-to-use dispenser with unique and appealing packaging graphics that have broad consumer appeal. ChicWrap® has become a very recognized and widely accepted brand that not only represents high quality, but unmatched functionality. Consumers have expressed amazement at how quick and easy it is to cut a piece of plastic wrap to wrap food or cover a bowl.