Dispenser CraftWrap Single Unit 18"

SKU 9927
Height 3.75
Width 23.00
Depth 6.50

ChicWrap 18” Twin Craft Wrap Mini

ChicWrap Craft Wrap Mini is the thoughtful tool designed to inspire and cultivate the creativity in you.

Proven performance is the backbone of all ChicWrap Products and with ChicWrap Craft Wrap Mini it’s easier than ever to do what you love and explore new creative territory with easy dispensing and precise cutting on all 18” rolls of Gift Wrap Paper, Craft Paper, Drawer Liner Paper, Wall Paper, Drawing Paper and anything else that comes on a standard 18” roll.  Our Twin Mini Dispenser includes a convenient built in storage area to hold your extra rolls of gift wrap, craft paper, drawer liners or any other rolled material you wish to cut. 

ChicWrap Craft Wrap Mini is the ideal tool for all your gift wrap and crafting needs and makes a great dispenser for kids of all ages doing projects at home or in-school. Presented in our colorful Tool’s pattern that makes it a pleasure to pullout and use for any project! Each dispenser comes with built-in carry handle.

Our unique design allows users to quickly dispense and cut all standard 18” gift wrap, craft paper and drawer liner rolls proportionally with our patent-pending cutting button. Made of rigid construction with built-in storage for all your supplies and the accessory holder keeps pens, scissors and tape in a ready position to make your time more enjoyable and efficient.

Comes with one (1) 18" and one (1) 6" roll of craft paper, a $10.00 value!

Dimensions:  23.00"W x 3.75"H x 6.50"D.

** Accessories shown not included. **